Nadine Tayara and Maria Abi Hanna are dieticians and nutrition consultants by profession, besties and foodies. They walk the talk and show us how simple and fun healthy living can be.

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inger Inger is a nutritionist and Personal Trainer at SHP (Scandinavian Health and Performance) in Dubai. She has undergone a three-year nutritionist degree at the University of Stockholm, Sweden along with Several other nutritional courses. Anger is also a licensed Personal Trainer from the Academy for Personal Training in Oslo, Norway.

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Aline 1 copyAline Kamakian is co-founder of successful Armenian restaurants “Mayrig” with locations in Lebanon, Dubai and Riyadh, and “Batchig” in Lebanon. She also operates “M Catering” and the “Made by Mayrig” food boutique.

Aline who has a master’s degree in Finance and Marketing from Université Saint Joseph, began her career as an insurance broker. After her father passed away, she became determined to fulfill his lifelong dream of opening a restaurant in Lebanon that celebrated his Armenian heritage. She opened her first restaurant, Mayrig, in 2003 with her cousin Serge Maacaron. After much hard work, the restaurant became a success, and Aline was able to open a second restaurant, Batchig, in 2013.

Aline was voted Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 in the BLA – Brilliant Lebanese Awards organized by BLC bank, along with many other awards and accomplishments.

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Sara Al SayeghSara Al Sayegh is an Emirati fitness enthusiast, currently in the process of developing and building a new gym called ‘The Tribe’ with her partner Chris. Sara and Chris champion a functional approach to fitness, their aim is to bring high intensity fun classes for all levels to Abu Dhabi, that challenge every muscle in your body, in ways you’ve never experienced before. Expect sprinting, crawling, flipping, battle roping and much more from their classes, which aim to start in January 2017.

Sara led a intensely fun Bootcamp at #theADmovement’s second event in Ramadan 2016 at GoYas. She is also hosting The FitNut Blog’s #SummerWOW.



Find the workouts below:

“The most important thing we learn in school is the fact that the most important things can’t be learnt in school”(What I talk about when I talk about running by Haruki Murakami) – explains why everything I know about health and fitness I learnt on my own!