Mayrig’s Zeitoun Salad

Hello FitNuts,

I hope you’ve all had a lovely Eid break!

Its been very quiet on the blog recently (lots of exciting things to come!) but we still have amazing recipes by Mayrig coming in!

This week, Aline, current contributor to The FitNut Blog and co-founder of Mayrig, is sharing with us her Olive Salad. Just like her Vaspov or Lentil Salad, or Itch, this one looks incredibly refreshing (now that’s a salad lineup I’d be happy to witness!). It would also make a perfect side dish for the Fishnah Kebab.

Without further ado, your Zeitoun Salad:




Click here for a printable version.

Let us know if you make this by hash tagging #fitnutuae and #mayrigmoments


Bon appetit!


Sarah x

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