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Here you go fitnuts! The top 5 eats in Dubai by Keepeatreal:


We were so excited to write this feature as we LOVE to eat and we are always on the lookout for new, healthy & exciting places to explore within the UAE and especially when we travel! We are certainly creatures of habit though, and there are restaurants we go to quite often, so here it is…our Top 5 Eats in Dubai, in no particular order J!


           1. BYO (build your own) Pizza | Quinoa & Avocado Salad

There is nothing more fun than building your own pizza, and we just love this concept at the Pantry Café; especially that it’s a wood fired pizza! YUM. YUM.YUM!

To start off, we choose our base: usually a marinara sauce, we then select fresh mozzarella cheese, with some grilled chicken for our protein source topped with an array of colors for our veggies from grilled eggplant, bell peppers to rocket leaves and to top it all off, some chili flakes for that extra kick! We love that the dough is made from only natural ingredients, which makes it even more delicious.

We also share their Quinoa & Avocado salad that’s got a lovely mixture of prawns, iceberg lettuce, and pomelo with a side of chili citrus vinaigrette!



BYO Pizza  Quinoa Salad - I


           2. We are LOCA about Loca! Big fans of this Mexican Restaurant & Bar

If it’s been one of those weeks for us, a much needed feast at Loca right after work on a Thursday night is probably our most preferred ritual! It is one of our favorite places for Mexican food in town! Our standard order to share is the mixed fajitas with a side of the BEST guacamole (that’s made fresh right in front of you) & who can resist their tortilla chips!

Here are our insider’s nutrition tips on keeping it light & healthy with Mexican food:

It’s always better to go for fajita dishes made with grilled chicken or seafood & mixtures of grilled veggies (with or without the flour tortilla on the side). We stay clear of the sides of rice & refried beans, and go easy on the sour cream and although it might be hard to resist, we do try to limit the chips & guacamole to small quantities!

Loca - Mexican


           3. Acai Bowl Heaven!

We’ve always wanted to try to make our very own acai bowls at home, but lucky for us, we found the best acai bowl ever or at least, this is what we think! We recently discovered the acai bowl from The Surf Café and have become totally obsessed with having it pretty much on a weekly basis!

It’s made with organic 100% acai berry & guarana berry, some fresh orange juice and topped with slices of fresh banana and their homemade granola! It’s served cold, blended almost like how you’d have a smoothie…we can just feel the crush right now…SO GOOD!

 Acai Bowl - II


4. Sushi & More!

Whenever we crave for some good sushi, we always end up at Salmontini, and we surely don’t need the menu to order as we already know what we want! Without fail, we have their: Seaweed Salad | Spicy Crispy Salmon (without the crispy crumbs) | Rainbow Maki Roll

We love to share our food, and so our calories are always shared! The average piece of sashimi or sushi has about 40-calories! We tend to choose rolls made without mayonnaise, cream cheese or fried tempura, and stick to those filled with vegetables, tuna, salmon, avocado & other veggies




          5. Omelet – La Serre Bistro & Boulangerie

One of the best ways to start our Saturday mornings is with a big hearty breakfast at La Serre in Vida Hotel. The minute you walk into their boulangerie, you are welcomed with a yummy display of fresh breads, pastries and cakes! We just love sitting on their outdoor terrace that overlooks the boulevard when the weather is nice!

We always go for their eggs when we visit & most often order their omelet with mushrooms, tomatoes & onions. Their omelets always have different options of toppings you can choose from such as vegetables, cheese, smoked salmon or beef bacon.

To keep it light when ordering an omelet, always ask for more of the veggie toppings instead of the cold cuts and processed meats and try to ask for less cheese or maybe even skip it!


La Serre - Omelet II




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Have a beautiful day fitnuts xx

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