#theADmovement and its Founders

Our Concept

#theADmovement is a series of ladies-only health and wellness events to be held quarterly across various venues in Abu Dhabi. Each event will be hosted at a different location each time and will include a range of fun fitness activities, nutritious food offerings, networking opportunities, and interactive workshops led by experts in the field and fueled by the participants’ energy. The events will also provide a platform to support local businesses focused on health and wellness in the UAE.

Who We Are

#theADmovement  is co-founded by three females living in Abu Dhabi:


Abeer Amiri, Emirati Crossfit Trainer

AbeerAbeer is a 26 year-old fitness enthusiast who is passionate about inspiring women to lead active lifestyles. She is the founder of #runlikeagirlAD ladies-only running club that meets once a week, and has expanded to also lead mixed-gender running groups. She is a certified CrossFit L1 trainer, and is certified in CrossFit Weightlifting and CrossFit Mobility. She has competed in the Dubai Fitness Championship 2015 and winner of the first CrossFit Abu Dhabi/CrossFit Code M throwdown.

Abeer runs a public Instagram account, @girlsjustwannaclean, with over 2,700 followers with whom she engages with regularly. The objective of her account is to encourage women to be active and have fun while doing it, following the belief that enjoyment is what will make a healthy lifestyle sustainable. In addition to her role as a trainer, Abeer is a government employee in the Education sector, and a FIFA Sports Management student.


Sarah Al Nowais, Emirati Health Coach Student and founder of blog FitnutUAE;

ShowJumping - Perceval

Sarah Al Nowais is a 27 year old new mum, and a total “fitnut” from Abu Dhabi. She grew up a sports fanatic and especially enjoyed swimming and horse riding competitively with a few noteworthy medals such as National Junior Champion, first place ranking in France representing her home country, as well as many placings in national and international shows in the UAE.

During university years abroad however, Sarah discovered the negative impact of inactivity and bad eating habits on her energy levels, mood and overall confidence. Through trial and error, she was able to turn things around and as such, decided to eventually start her own blog www.fitnut-uae.com and social media account @fitnutuae in order to share her experience with the UAE community, introducing them to healthier alternatives – including healthy brands she personally promotes – individuals leading by example, enjoyable recipes showing that healthy is also delicious, and finally opportunities to meet like-minded people through events such as #theADmovement. After all, “you are the company you keep”. Being a new mother, she has recently been sharing tips on pre and post pregnancy nutrition and exercise and is increasingly interested in children’s nutrition.

Ultimately, Sarah’s aim is to guide people towards a healthier and happier life and to support that, she is currently studying to become a Health Coach.


Kristin Anderson, American nutrition enthusiast and metabolic fat-loss coach 

KristinKristin is a 31-year-old nutrition enthusiast from the United States who has lived in Abu Dhabi for over six years. She currently works for a top-ranked American university, and seeks to combine her Master’s degree training in education policy and management with her passion for wellness and healthy living by promoting nutrition education to others with an emphasis on clean eating.

Kristin has recently completed her level 1 nutrition certification as a metabolic fat-loss coach, and she seeks to help others to understand the hormonal effects of food on the body. She wants to simplify the science of nutrition and to help other women to develop healthy relationships with food so that they can properly nourish their bodies while also achieving fat and weight loss goals.

When she isn’t experimenting with new clean eating recipes or baking healthy protein muffins in her kitchen, you can probably find Kristin and Abeer training together at the gym. Kristin has completed her level 1 calisthenics body weight training certification, and she also regularly practices softball, yoga, and Crossfit.

Her Instagram account @kristinofarabia contains a collection of “fittips” intended to provide useful, easy to understand information aimed at helping her followers to develop healthier fitness and nutrition habits.


Our Objective

Our objective is very simple: to create a healthy-living movement in Abu Dhabi, #theADmovement.

We seek to provide a platform for Abu Dhabi’s women to inspire, motivate, and support one another towards leading healthier lifestyles. Our events will take on a holistic approach to health and wellness and include various activities revolving around fitness, nutrition, well-being, self-care and mindfulness.

We believe that giving women access to the tools and information to lead healthier lifestyles will empower them to make positive changes for themselves and for their families.

We draw our inspiration and call to action from the Abu Dhabi 2020 vision, which emphasizes health as a top priority for this Emirate and its citizens and residents.

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