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June 15, 2016

Racing School Garages, Yas Marina Circuit



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Schedule of Activities

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Activity Schedule – June 12 

Participants / Activity Leaders


Sara Al Sayegh

Bootcamp with Sara Al Sayegh

Sara Al Sayegh is an Emirati fitness enthusiast, currently in the process of developing and building a new gym called ‘The Tribe’ with her partner Chris. Sara and Chris champion a functional approach to fitness, their aim is to bring high intensity fun classes for all levels to Abu Dhabi, that challenge every muscle in your body, in ways you’ve never experienced before. Expect sprinting, crawling, flipping, battle roping and much more from their classes, which aim to start in January 2017.

“The most important thing we learn in school is the fact that the most important things can’t be learnt in school” (What I talk about when I talk about running by Haruki Murakami) – explains why everything I know about health and fitness I learnt on my own!


Salma - Hot YogaHot Yoga with Salma El Ansary and The Hot House

Salma is Canadian of Egyptian descent and moved to Abu Dhabi in 2008 at the age of 25. Shortly after completing a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Management at the University of Toronto, shethe hot house logo passed her Human Resources certification. Later, after progressing in her career, Salma completed her MBA. In July 2014, she decided to pursue her dreams and complete her Yoga Teacher Training in Kelowna, Canada. Salma completed her training in Moksha / Modo Hot Teacher Training where she was immersed in the theoretical and practical study of yoga. Salma is a certified Hot Hatha Yoga teacher having completed 300 hours, and looks forward to completing her additional 500 hours within the next few months. Salma loves living in Abu Dhabi and being a part of such a beautiful melting pot of cultures. She works as an HR Manager in her day job and truly believes that yoga is what gives her life peace and light.Salma is bilingual in Arabic and English, and is proficient in French.

“I can’t wait to share my passion for yoga with everyone; beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners are all welcome. Yoga is for everyone and what’s amazing, is not only what it does for your body but what it does on the inside. Yoga heals you. Please bring a friend and come along to one of our classes. I guarantee that you will transform your life to the better.”


WaheedaSpin-Inspired Cycling with Waheeda Al Hadhrami

Waheeda is a young Emirati woman who instantly fell in love with cycling as soon as she started her fitness journey. She found cycling as a sport that not only helps you get healthier physically but also helps balance your mental and spiritual well-being. Join her on the tracks to cycle and discover your inner rider!

“By doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of others’



Lana's PicCooking Demonstration with Lana and Lana’s Parti Perfect

My childhood memories with my mom must have left a profound impact on me, because eventually, I ended up right where I started, in the kitchen. With a BSc. in Mass Communication from Boston University inPartiPerfect Logo 1996 and six years of copy writing experience at two prominent UAE Advertising agencies, I left it all behind to join the food industry. In 2002, I joined the Institute of Culinary Education; NYC’s largest and most highly acclaimed center for culinary education. If there is one thing I took away with me from the philosophy at ICE, and use it still as my secret weapon, is that you create good food from solid cooking techniques and wholesome ingredients.



Posture and Spinal Screening with Reem Awad, Chiropractor

Dr. Reem Awad is a Canadian and American board certified Chiropractic doctor.  After graduating from National University of Health Sciences in Chicago, Illinois, she practiced in Chicago for two years then
decided to move to the UAE. Dr. Reem started working at International Chiropractic Specialty Center in December 2006 with a great team of doctors. This December will be her tenth year practicing in Abu-Dhabi. She always had a passion for nutrition, fitness, and wellness. Growing up she knew she wanted to be a doctor but was undecided about the specific field of study. What she did know that invasive approaches, like medication and surgery should not be the only choices we had. She wanted something else, something that addressed problems at a deeper level. It was then that she learned that this is what Doctors of Chiropractic are all about. Their holistic approach to health care put an end to her search. With a Bachelors of Science degree in Biology, from the University of Western Ontario, she was off to study Chiropractic.  She also pursued her love for nutrition and earned a certification as a clinical nutritionist. Her mission as a doctor of Chiropractic is to empower patients with vital health information and to inspire them to take responsibility of their health and wellness.

“Humans are divided into different clans and tribes, and belong to countries and towns. But I find myself a stranger to all communities and belong to no settlement. The universe is my country and the human family is my tribe.”  Khalil Gibran


LyneFarahMeaningful Conversations with #Endsmalltalk

The #EndSmallTalk movement is a non-profit, community initiative that seeks to inspire deep and meaningful conversations in place of the ordinary, mundane small-talk. Monthly events are held in Abu Dhabi & Dubai where participants move beyond simple pleasantries into the questions that govern our human existence and push the boundaries of their minds.  If you’re tired of having conversations about work & the weather,  join the #EndSmallTalk movement for better conversations & for forming genuine human connections with strangers in a digital age. Keep up with the #EndSmallTalk movement on Facebook & Instagram @EndSmallTalk.


Muneera Al HubailMy personal Weight Loss Experience with by Muneera Al Hubail

Muneera Al Hubail, a couch-potato-turned-gym-rat knows all about the ups and downs of weight loss. Her year and a half long battle has turned her hunger for food into hunger for challenges and competition. Muneera is excited to share her weight loss story, the reasons behind it and her fitness journey with you all.





Junior Gym LogoKids’ play  with Junior Gym

Junior Gym is a leading children gym and fitness center offering a wide range of gymnastics and interactive programs designed to enhance children’s physical fitness and mental development. Established in the heart of the capital Abu Dhabi in 2015, the innovative Emirati gym aims at promoting children’s fitness and encourages practicing healthy lifestyles.

Schools play a major role in raising and educating our children, but that is not sufficient. The diverse blends of children with different backgrounds can affect your child and lead him to acquire healthy or even corrupted practices. While at school, most of the students don’t have enough time to carry out sports and fitness activities where such activities are deemed essential for proper physical and mental growth. Similarly, parents might get overloaded with their daily burdens allowing less time for their children to play and practice sports and entertaining activities.

Utilizing Emirati vision and global expertise, Junior Gym takes over this mission to offer the UAE a leading fitness center allowing children to discover their talents while shaping their little bodies.                      Junior Gym is equipped with a vast collection of soft tools, gymnastics equipment and flooring that meet the highest international standards. Our dedicated fitness trainers are backed by international experience which helps to create a safe and trusted environment that strictly adopts related health and safety policies.

Parents may rest assured knowing that their children are in safe hands!


Active Life By Daman

Body Assessment with ActiveLife by Daman

Activelife is a health and wellness initiative with a difference; developed by Daman initially to offer specific benefits and discounts to existing members, it has rapidly taken on a momentum of its own; growing into a movement that aims to make a positive contribution to the health and well-being of the nation.With a portfolio of associated high-profile events such as TrainYASGoYAS and The Color Run, Activelife engages the community at large and tackles issues such as obesity, diabetes and breast cancer head-on, while our  get active! and healthy living pages detail things to do and places to go that reinforce our message.

We have a three-pillar set of goals that we aim to achieve, made up of awarenessaction and self-improvement.

Awareness: Activelife aspires to raising awareness levels in the community, highlighting issues relevant to the social structures we nurture and support. We do this by educating and informing, with stands at sporting and community events and tactical deployment of informative health and activity articles in our stable of online media channels.

Action: we encourage people to take action and make the changes they desire, holding regular sporting events like TrainYAS where people can get active and achieve their fitness goals in a state-of-the-art setting. For more information on events please visit our facebook page.

Self-improvement: arming you with the knowledge and providing the means required to take the plunge, we believe that with knowledge and capability comes self-improvement, whether health- or fitness-related.




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