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While I love home workouts, I sometimes lack motivation, especially during pregnancy, and find myself needing a little push. Group classes are a great way to get moving, try different workouts and styles, and meet other expecting mamas! It is also an opportunity to work with a professional who has prenatal experience.

That being said, do make sure your trainer does have that experience and please get clearance from your doctor before starting any exercise routine.

Now, without further ado, here are a few classes in Abu Dhabi that you could try!


Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy yoga is an absolute favorite of mine. It pushes you to go inwards and focus on mindful movement, breathing and connecting with the miracle growing inside of you. It eases any tension, stress, and anxiety that may appear around pregnancy and is a great way to prepare your body for labor. The good news is, quite a few studios offer pregnancy yoga these days. I have personally tried:

The good news is, quite a few studios offer pregnancy yoga these days. I have personally tried:

Let’s Go Yoga also offers classes at BrightPoint but I haven’t tried this one.


Prenatal Pilates

Prenatal pilates is also a great way to move during pregnancy. Just like yoga, mindful movement is cultivated with a special focus on strengthening the parts of the body that need the most attention in this transformational stage ie the posterior chain muscles, core and pelvic floor. 

Studios that offer this class include:

Bodytree offers both a mat and reformer prenatal pilates class. I’ve only tried the reformer pilates, which I highly recommend.

The Room offers a mat pilates class. I haven’t tried their class yet but The Room generally offers great sessions.

  • Taghrid Khoury

I first started pilates with Taghrid at her home studio when I was pregnant with my first. If you are just starting out, I highly recommend taking classes with her as her focus on technique will give you a great start and understanding of the practice and its many benefits.

Taghrid offers both mat pilates and pilates using the reformer, cadillac frame and chair.

I went back to Taghrid after I delivered. I absolutely loved her gentle yet effective approach to postnatal recovery. I will most definitely be paying her a visit in the next few months.

You can get in touch with Taghrid via email at taghridk@gmail.com or by phone at 050 5669038.

Fit & Flex studios offer a pre- and postnatal program consisting of 3 classes a week including Pilates, Barre and body conditioning. I haven’t found other prenatal body conditioning classes in Abu Dhabi so I find this is a well-rounded program for anyone looking to incorporate more variety in their routine. 


Prenatal Barre

If you are looking for a great sweat session and a good booty burn all the while keeping it low impact, this is is the perfect class for you. Easy on your changing body and loosening joints, barre will work your arms, bum and core in a safe way.

Bodytree offers this Mommy and Me Barre class (don’t let the name deceive you, it is accessible for expecting mums as well) once a week. It is also part of Fit & Flex‘s pre and postnatal program. 


Aqua Aerobics / Swimming

Swimming is a great way to maintain your strength and endurance during pregnancy. Bonus: you still get to jump around without worrying about your loosening joints all the while feeling light as a feather, even in your last month!!! 

I haven’t tried any of the below classes yet but they are on my to-do list for the next couple of weeks!

* If you are not a Guavapass member already, you can sign up using my code ‘sarasguavas’ for 30% off your first month! 



There aren’t any specific prenatal spinning classes that I know of but indoor cycling is a great way to get your cardio in during pregnancy. It is safer than outdoor cycling as you are taking the risk out of falling (especially if your cycling skills are as questionable as mine), it is low impact and you get to adjust the intensity depending on your fitness level.

I’ve only cycled at The Room during my pregnancy but there are plenty of studios around Abu Dhabi to try out. Mim and Peter from The Room are prenatal certified so they’d be able to look after you!


If you have enough experience and would like to workout at home, I can recommend a couple of online programs and DVDs here

Last but not least, there is one obvious form of exercise that I didn’t mention above and that’s walking! It the easiest and most convenient, and could be more than enough for many.

Remember, pregnancy is NOT a time to push your body. It is already going through amazing changes. The point of prenatal exercise is to find a happy medium of activity and rest and, try to maintain your strength and endurance to help you through your pregnancy, labor and bouncing back after baby is born. It is not a time for new PRs, losing weight or gaining muscles. It is very important you focus on your and your baby’s health and if that means resting more then that’s totally fine! Just listen to your body.


What classes will you try? Have you attended any other classes? Feel free to share this with all your expecting mama friends!


Sarah xxx


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