March Feature: Laura Kopinski, Founder of Innerseed

What a small small world we live in… or a very small city haha. Either way, the universe has its way of bringing like-minded people together.

Last summer, I bumped into Laura Kopinski at a health and wellness related event. Laura was a friend of my sister’s at school and I hadn’t seen her since she left…. this was elementary school…!!

Anyway, we kept in touch and a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of having her over. She told me all about her initiative – Inner Seed – and introduced me to “mommy and baby yoga”.

Laura spoke of her initiative with so much passion and taught with so much love, I couldn’t help but share her vibrant energy with you. Get to know Laura and Inner Seed in my interview with her below.

 Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Laura-Helene Kopinski and I have been living in Abu Dhabi for over 28+ years now. Although the origins of my family name is Polish (yet to solve that mystery!), I am from a French-Lebanese background and yes I do speak both French and Arabic fluently.

I grew up in Abu Dhabi and I am extremely proud to call it my home. For as long as I can remember I always pursued my passions whether it was in fitness, new challenges, or travel. At a young age, my parents have instilled within me the sense of adventure. They are both my biggest inspirations and my biggest fans and I attribute a lot of where I am today for their encouragement and support.

Presently, my main job is within Marketing and Events for a reputable local bank in Abu Dhabi. In a midst of the fast paced environment, the “inner seed” project has been halted until finally late 2015 I decided to take a conscious decision to take a leap of faith.

Between the hectic work schedules, life responsibilities and my persistent desire for growth I often found myself unable to get in tune with my inner needs. I found confinement in my self-taught yoga classes at home. The stillness of the mind brought more compassion and understanding to my world and the people around me. This led me gain my yoga certification. Parallely, I picked up my horseback riding classes, which I took as a child, which consequently led me to pursue a certification to teach horse-back riding for children with special needs.

The inner seed project has become an extension of my passions and a mean through which I hope to nurture , with all your support, the essence of fulfilling life – “ Spreading the Love of Life” one step at a time.




Tell us about Inner Seed (services offered, and how and why u started)

What happens when you throw a seed into the soil? Provided with the right nutrition, regular water, and sufficient sunlight it will blossom to a beautiful plant. Similarly, we all possess those seeds, our “inner seeds”. Within the seed is our essence, our reason to be present on this planet appreciating the stillness of the every moment.

The inner seed project was founded by me to provide individuals within my community the opportunities to blossom and enhance their inner growth. Through empowering activities that calm the mind. I hope to inspire everyone to grow past their experience and become their truest self.

The current services offered by inner seed are:


  1. Pre/postnatal Yoga

My classes help women have an easier childbirth and minimize anxiety over labor. It also focuses on the mental and physical recovery. Arab culture has a misinterpretation of what pregnancy is all about therefore being present in fitness workshops to talk about what pregnancy yoga is important for me.  My aim is to build a community of women where they can share and support each other while practicing yoga.


  1. My First Yoga Class (Mommy and Baby Yoga Classes)

My other “yoga” focus is mommy and baby yoga. It is not only a great physical exercise for both the mother and the child, but it enhances a non-verbal communication between them. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a mother and her child connect.


  1. Kids Yoga


I also host kids yoga.  My aim here is to raise awareness in its benefit as it is tremendously important for kids to start practicing yoga at a young age to tern about self-awareness and to prepare them for a better future.  Kids get to understand more on how their body movement works and how it makes them feel. Being on their mats is the only non-competitive activity kids get to engage in and that is truly vital to have, especially when they are facing peer pressure as they grow older.


  1. Vinyasa Flow Yoga

This yoga practice is for adults of all ages. It focuses on a heart opener and energizing experience.  It is the perfect way to spend some quality time with yourself and distress from the world.


5.  I am happy to announce that by May 2016 , I will be ready to teach Therapeutic Yoga to help people that are suffering from muscle or chronic condition with the aim of improving quality of life.


6. Workshops and Seminars

I will be organizing different workshop throughout the year to promote a positive life journey experience and explain what inner seed is all about.


7. Don’t let me down ( kids with special needs)

The first objective of this project is to spread awareness in the UAE’s society to change people’s perception of children with Down syndrome. Second is to explain the benefits  of kids yoga and horse and the therapeutic aspects behind them


  1. Empowering Activities
  • Horse-riding


Last but not least I love sharing my passion for horse-riding. I have recently partnered up with a friend who is passionate about giving young horses the right start in life. Whether you are a rider or not, you can try out a session to get a detailed explanation of what a horses’ language looks like and how humans can learn to use it for a better communication. We also offer desert and beach adventures, horsemanship Clinics- the real ground work of a horse.


  • Diving Trips


When the beach season is back, inner seed will be organization diving trips across the U.A.E exploring the beautiful Arabian seas.


  • Photography

I have collaborated with one of the best photographers in Abu Dhabi to capture moments where you and your family engage in an empower activity such as yoga or horse-riding. You can find some picture on my website and Instagram account.

What’s your favorite quote/ mottos live by?

I have been through several experiences that shaped me into the person that I am today. Both morbid and joyous, I have learned that those experiences added to my life. I have learned to live my life to the fullest and work harder to make my dreams come true. “Everything happens for a reason” and it is your actions that determine how you live after. Be at your peace, be yourself. If this doesn’t motivate you then I can’t imagine anything else will until you choose to consciously accept the moment that you are in.

What motivates you?

My parents are both my role models and my motivation. They have been my mentors and biggest fans throughout my life. The most rewarding feeling is to have the ability to share this journey with them and knowing that they are proud of me.

What have you learnt from your clients?

My client (both kids and adults) remind me of why inner seed was established; to help nurture and promote inner growth. Their feedback and proactive personal growth is what keeps me going and growing into a better mentor. My most important takeaways from my clients is the ability to find compassion and humility in acknowledging and understanding different culture and their stories.

What does your typical day look like?

I am an early bird!! I love mornings. My day will either start by giving a yoga class or break a sweat at the gym. In the evening I either have a yoga class to teach or a riding lesson at the stable. I do not have time for a social life during the week. The little time I have is me spending it meeting with people to work on inner seed projects. It gets very hectic at times, but at the end I am doing the things I love, so therefore it keeps me going against all odds.

What’s your typical day of meals? And if you had to choose just one thing to eat over and over again, what would it be?

I try to have a balanced died.  My breakfast usually includes boiled eggs, Greek yogurt and fruits,  or weetabix and milk. I do a lot of cardio and body building so I can’t afford skipping meals. I make sure to consume healthy carbs such as oats and quinoa and sometimes protein bread. I eat a lot of vegetables and fruits and carry healthy seeds as snacks throughout the day. As for my lunch I prefer to eat protein, either chicken or salmon. I avoid white bread, white rice, and pasta. To cater to my sweet tooth, I opt for dark chocolate. I usually eat the 70% or 85% pure dark chocolate. Dinner will be similar to my lunch, protein and veggies on the side.

Cheat Meal – This is where I load up on my Carbs 🙂 Once a week ladies and gents!

I am such a foodie and having to choose one thing to eat over and over again is so hard. I want to say fries but I also want to say pizza and burgers!! I just wish they were all healthy. But unfortunately those bad boys bring nothing good for your body. So if I had to pick something healthy that I love, it would simply be salads. The more colorful the better! Just don’t forget to go light on the sauce.

What’s your favorite restaurant?

I love Japanese Cuisine, I could get used to eating Sushi every day. Maybe I should move to Japan? Hmm..

I know you enjoy traveling. What’s your favorite location? and why?

Oh yes traveling ..a lot of exciting trips coming up this year which I will be sharing on inner seed for food recommendation, adventures, hotels etc..! I am going to Africa in March and I feel like this WILL be my favorite place- Simply because of nature and the wild life. Otherwise any beautiful island or country that has a beach and genuine, happy people such as Spain.  Spain has a special place in my heart and will also be the country my parents are planning on retiring in.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I hope inner seed would grow and become my full time job, by then I hope to have visited most of the countries in Asia and Africa, picked up a new language, learnt about different cultures and traditions. Hopefully meeting my soul mate and maybe owning my own horse.

Where can everyone keep up with you and your journey

I am very active on social media.

I offer kids yoga at the body tree studio. The rest of the yoga classes would be offered at various hotels in Abu Dhabi such as Beach Rotana, Intercontinental, Jumeirah Etihad.

For prenatal classes you can join me at Bright point Hospital Abu Dhabi

….Spreading the love of life :)!

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