Friday Feature: Nathalie Haddad – Mother, Entrepreneur and, Founder & Managing Director of Nathalie’s and RightBite

About a month ago, we had the pleasure of dining at Nathalie’s in Fit Republic, Dubai, with Nathalie herself, her team, as well as Dubai-based health, wellness and fashion bloggers.

We had such a great time, and were very impressed with the food, the decor and especially Natalie’s light, fun and down to earth personality that we couldn’t resist but ask her for a feature on our blog. You’ll understand once you get to know her … 🙂

cooler with logo

Tell us more about yourself:
I’m a Capricorn, a mother and a wife. I hate bananas and don’t eat red meat. Love the beach and shoes. We also just got a new dog and discovered I am slowly, very slowly, becoming a dog-lover.

What got you into nutrition?
I always wanted to be in the medical field and with an interest in health and wellness and a love for food, nutrition was a way to help keep people stay healthy and prevent many of the lifestyle diseases we are faced with today.

How did you start turning you passion into a career?
With an undergraduate and masters degree in Nutrition and dietetics, I worked closely with individuals counseling them on a one on one basis as well as doing a lot of community events and education on healthy eating. From there things progressed organically and started giving healthy cooking classes with Chefs from different restaurants and finally establishing Right Bite.

Tells us more about Nathalie’s and Right Bite:
At Right Bite, we’re about more than just weight loss and calories. After counseling clients for over a year, I realized that simply telling people how and what to eat was not enough to allow them to change their health habits, loose the weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. So I started cooking for them! Right Bite is about healthy good food, it’s about quality, it’s about support, convenience, flexibility, variety and so much more! We then went further and opened our first Right Bite Express last year for people who simply want to eat healthy but don’t want a meal plan. To further complement our offering, we provide corporate wellness solutions through our On the Go and Catering divisions. So no excuses not to eat right and stay healthy!

noviplus text

I created Nathalie’s because I wanted to share with you all the little luxuries that I love. If Right Bite was my calling, Nathalie’s is my passion project.
I love food. Simple food. Real food. Honest and healthy food from natural and wholesome ingredients! I also love coffee and tea, cakes, whole wheat pastries, and desserts. Coming across healthy, wholesome food at an affordable price is a luxury in itself these days. I wanted a place I could enjoy with my family but also where my friends could come for brunch or dinner! We put a lot of thought in the menu and a lot of effort in the interiors. The café’s understated décor and quirky yet stylish character makes it ideal for big groups and families, or a few friends, whether over a shake or a soulful feast of nourishing food.

portobello burger

What’s your favorite drink, dish and dessert at Nathalie’s ?
My favourite drink: The speed dater – think of a super healthy iced coffee and I’ll always end my meal with a Canarino, it’s hot water with lemon zest rinds.

monkey business
Dish: That’s not fair! 🙂 My husband and i always share a whole wheat zaatar manakeesh and the egg on avocado when we’re there for breakfast. For lunch or dinner, it has to be the kale Caesar, chicken quesadillas, and the salmon with soba noodles, with a side of baked potato wedges – always!

salmon veggie soba

Dessert: the raw brownies and the salted Nutella cookies.

GF and raw

Any plans for the future you would like to share?
We are continuously improving on our products and offering at both, Right Bite and Nathalie’s. We opened this year our first Right Bite Express; an on demand delivery service for clients who want to eat healthy without the commitment to a meal plan! Our aim is to open new hubs all around town in the coming year as well as open another Nathalie’s.

kale 2

You are a wife, a mother and a business owner; how do you manage and balance all three roles together?
Honestly there’s never enough hours in the day for everything but I feel extremely blessed to be able to do all three and have a great support system both at work and at home.
Where do you draw most of your inspiration?
My travels, my family and the people around me!

What’s your favorite quote?
It’s from the Little Prince, “It is only with the heart that one can see righty. What is essential is invisible to the eye”

How do you start your day?
Waking up to the sound of my daughters feet coming into our room ☺ then get her ready, shower, get ready myself, both have breakfast together; (daddy joins sometimes) then I drop her off to nursery and the day starts ☺

leb breakfast on floor

What’s your typical meal for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks? Inspire us please: Breakfast and lunch are quite quick so it’s oats or yogurt topped cereal and a a shot of goji and superseeds for breakfast and typically for Lunch it’s a Right Bite meal. I have a bit more fun with dinner and if we’re not out I’m usually trying a recipe from my cookbook collection or doing a healthy salad with fish or chicken or a home made stew.

lamb 1
If you could pick one meal to eat over and over again, what would it be?

Zaatar and labneh ☺ Just because I need to pick 1…

What’s the one food you avoid at all time?

I try not to eat anything processed and full of preservatives

freekeh 2

Finally, where can everyone keep up with you?
I’m at Nathalie’s on the weekends, at the clinic once a week and the office and central kitchen the rest of the days! But I help manage the Nathalie’s account on Instagram so feel free DM me anytime! (@nathaliescafe)


And there you have it! 🙂

But before we let you go, we wanted to add that Nathalie’s also has a branch in the capital for all you AD FitNuts out there. It is located by the Park Rotana Hotel in Khalifa Park Area. Great for a quick nutritious lunch break during working hours, morning and afternoon meetings as well!! Their deserts are just as delicious!

Finally, Right Bite just released a their “Little Book of healthy Secrets” and we of course ordered it as soon as we heard. Has anyone put their hands on it yet?

Feel free to comment below or reach out to us via email, instagram, or snapchat @fitnutuae

Until next time! 🙂





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