Friday Favorite Five Prenatal Apps

Friday Favourites are back this week with my favourite pre-natal apps!

You will always have tons of questions concerning pregnancy and thankfully, along with the many useful books and of course women around you with previous experience, there are great phone apps available to help you navigate through this new adventure smoothly. I know they’ve helped me so I hope they will be just as useful to you too!


  1. What to Expect Baby and Pregnancy App

What to expect


This is the first app I downloaded and the one I regularly went back to throughout my pregnancy. I loved the weekly updates with the baby’s current size (measured in fruit and vegetables!), video summaries of your baby’s progress to date, common symptoms to keep your mind at ease, daily tips, useful articles – which actually get sent straight to your inbox on a daily basis!

The app also allows you to capture and save pictures of your bump throughout your pregnancy and connect with other mums-to-be!


  1. WebMD Pregnancy App


I discovered this one a little too late so I’d be lying if I said it was one of my own favorites haha. However, I do believe it deserves a mention. It includes most features “What to Expect” offers but with added bonuses:

  • What to expect at each doctor’s appointment and questions to ask your doctor
  • A word of the week to enhance your pregnancy vocabulary and sound like you know what you’re talking about! Haha
  • A contraction timer
  • A journal with questions to guide you e.g “What is your labor and delivery plan?”
  • And last but not least….CHECKLISTS!! Checklists for everything! Baby clothes, feeding supplies, baby furniture, hospital packing and so on. I don’t know about you but I LOVE checklists, and with pregnancy brain blurring our memory, it’s not such a bad idea


  1. Beautiful Belly Pre and Post-Natal App

Belly BeautifulAgain, I only discovered this one in my last month but I love it. The video series is designed by renowned yogi Briohny Smyth and yes she’s actually pregnant and going through the journey with you which is refreshing as she focuses on the stresses each trimester of pregnancy brings to ones body.

The first trimester videos are free but you have to pay for the rest. There are 3 sessions per trimester, as well as 3 post-natal sessions. I enjoyed the general atmosphere of the video as well as her calmness. It was most definitely welcome in my last few weeks after the hustle and bustle and stress of getting everything ready for baby’s arrival.


  1. My Little Baby

MylittlebabyThis is actually a French app and not health and fitness related! However, it has fun content and we all need a bit of fun in our lives J

Everyday you’ll receive something new, from tips to taking care of your baby, useful reminders, stylish yet comfortable pregnancy outfits, beautiful nursery ideas, DIY ideas, naughty treats, and a whole lot of humour!

OK so actually I only have 4 favorite apps. OOPS! Any favorites you’d like to share with us?

Sarah x

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