My Favorite Prenatal Fitness Classes in London

I spent quite some time in London this summer and in addition to my daily park walks (gotta thank my soon to be 2-year-old for that!) and regular (-ish) home workouts, I decided to test out some prenatal classes for extra motivation.

Through some quick google search, I came across quite a few studios and gyms that offered specific prenatal classes, but I also noticed many others took in expecting mums so long as they had prior experience. Anyway, three places, in particular, caught my attention for their offering but also proximity to where I was staying.

Anyway, three places, in particular, caught my attention for their offering but also for their proximity to where I was staying (ie no longer than 30-40 mins walk):

  1.  Bumps and Burpees, Lomax, Chelsea

    Image courtesy of Bumps and Burpees

    Bumps and Burpees is part of the Lomax Boutique Gym in Chelsea and offers specialized personal training sessions for pre- and post-natal mums. It’s the first place I booked a session at and I’m pretty sure the name itself is what won me over! At least initially. I then came across it again on Madeleine Shaw’s Instagram page and thought It was a sign! 

    My first trimester had pretty much turned me into a couch potato and I was ready to sweat again. Let me tell you, Bumps and Burpees did not disappoint. The trainer (Nicki in my case) was quick to pick up on my strengths and weaknesses and was also very aware at all times of my posture and technique, which put me at ease. The sessions are tailored to each individual mama all the while giving special attention to pregnancy-related shifts and concerns in the body.

    I completed eight sessions at the Lomax and each session, while following a similar format, offered plenty of different exercises. Nikki kept my body guessing and I was never bored. I definitely took away many great exercises and modifications for my own home workouts.

    For more information on Bumps and Burpees, check out their website here.

  2. Triyoga, various locations


    Image courtesy of Triyoga

    Triyoga studios, with five locations around London, offer a beautiful space for yoga, pilates, and specialized treatments.

    I personally visited the Chelsea location and fell in love with the studio. They also make a mean coconut chai latte, my favorite!

    I tried out a couple of pregnancy yoga classes, as well as booked an appointment with one of their regular visiting osteopaths. The yoga sessions I thought were very informative. 75 minutes long, they allow enough time for teachers to get to know each student, their pregnancy stage and whether they are experiencing any pregnancy symptoms that require special attention.

    I have to admit that, while very beneficial, this slowed the pace down a little too much for my liking. That is not to say that I didn’t come out of the class feeling as light as a feather and as calm as a millpond!

    What I really loved about this Triyoga is the convenience of having so many complimentary wellness services in one place.

    For more information on Triyoga’s prenatal services, click here.

  3. MumHood, Move Your Frame, various locations

Image courtesy of Move Your Frame

Move your frame is a super hip bunch of Studios across London offering “feel-good energetic, fun-filled classes” ranging from high-energy dance classes to mellow yoga sessions.

Wanting to cater to the needs of their expecting clientele, the founders created MumHood, a series of pre- and post-natal fitness classes, inspired by their own personal experiences as mums. 

I tried out two different prenatal classes including prenatal fitness and prenatal yoga. The first resembled a barre workout that got me sweating in the first minutes and ended with a hugely satisfying booty burn! The different movements focused on strengthening the posterior chain muscles, which require extra attention during pregnancy to help alleviate related pains. While all exercises were safe during pregnancy, I can assure you their goal is not to take it easy on you. Perfect place for a sweaty workout. you will be coming out of this class completely satisfied.

The yoga class was just as good. It was only 45 minutes long but more than enough as the group flowed through the class uninterrupted. It was also a much smaller class (there were four of us) with experienced pregnant yogis.

Note: if you are not familiar with certain exercises or feel uncomfortable performing them, don’t hesitate to let the trainer know. Not only is it a little trickier to catch bad technique for example in group classes, but all bodies are different and they cannot know what’s good for everyone.

For more information on MumHood, click here

PS you don’t have to be in London to enjoy their classes! They also offer online programs!


All three studios have a great community feel to them and include a dedicated space to socialize and replenish post-workout with all the right nutrients and without forgoing taste!

Have you been to any? Do you have any other recommendations? Don’t hesitate to get in touch in the comment box below or via email at

Hope this helps!


Sarah xxx








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